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Live | Effects of a MCT Diet in Dogs, Diet & Reproduction, Aloe Vera & More…

How MCT oil may influence your dog's behavior. Treating hotspots...the plant that outperformed a commonly prescribed topical antibiotic against staph in dogs and cats. Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the recent research plus more in this replay of their w

In this episode, a recent study showed that aloe vera can be more effective on staph in dogs than the commonly prescribed topical antibiotic, Gentamicin. Dr. Becker also shares how to use aloe vera to relieve hot spots and sores in dogs and cats. Also discussed, the benefits and effects that a ketogenic MCT diet has on your dog’s microbiome, behavior, and GI issues. Plus listener questions and much more! Every week in the Planet Paws Facebook subscription group, Inside Scoop, Rodney & Dr. Becker go Live to discuss some of the latest research and studies on nutrition and health. 

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